Providing the Best of Bigfork Montana Wedding Venues

Dayton, Montana is the best wedding destination for couples. Atanaha Event Center in its commitment to offer guests the best wedding experience provides information about wedding venues in Dayton.

Sites and themes include:

  • Barn Wedding Venues such as the Polen Farm Barn
  • Dayton Oregon Wedding Venues
  • Canopy Creek Farm Wedding Venues
  • The Birch House Wedding
  • Stoney Hill “Rustic” Weddings

Regardless of the venue, Dayton wedding venues offer couples a chance of celebrating the special day in the presence of family and friends in an exceptional environment surrounding. The natural beauty of Dayton is a major attraction for most people visiting the city.

As a wedding destination, the beautiful Kentucky hills form a fantastic background for the wedding. Sunsets are of course an amazing site to watch. The city generally gives a romantic vibe.

About Dayton, Montana

Dayton has a population of approximately 141,527 people which is ten times less than those in the Metropolitan area. (This is according to a 2010 Census Report estimate by the United States Census Bureau). Majority of the wedding venues have country “rustic” theme. This is because the town is home to some rich history.

The climate in Daytona ranges from cold, dry winters to hot summers. The four seasons experienced make an excellent venue for a seasoned themed wedding. Couples with love for airplanes can visit the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The city is also home to a number of inventors including the Wright brothers, and Charles F. Kettering. Archeological sites such as the SunWatch Indian Village are among the many attractions.

Barn Wedding Venues Dayton

Barn wedding venues Dayton are a popular choice for most couples. The different places include the Polen Farm, the Barn at Hildebrandt Cherry Orchards with an option for an Oregon barn wedding.

Each bride and groom pairs have varied needs. Their idea of the big day is unique to them, and so are barn weddings. Barns are of different styles and sizes. The barn theme can be incorporated into the invitations, flowers and the foods. Such weddings are best for people with love for the countryside. The atmosphere created is always a romantic one, with memories that will last.

Lake Wedding Venues

Lake wedding venues are a couple in the Dayton area. Approximately, only 2.2 Km2 of Dayton is covered with water. Still, the wedding venues deliver an unforgettable experience for a couple on their special day.

Having a lake setting for the wedding adds a serene and romantic touch to the whole event. The sunset is fantastic to watch and creates the perfect background for the wedding pictures. The venues along the lake have excellent spots for taking pictures and taking in nature’s beauty.

Things to Do in Dayton, Montana

Celebrating your wedding is more than a one-day affair. Part of the wedding planning process includes identifying cool activities to do. The wedding party, mainly the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, can have some quality time together. Dayton has quite a number of sites for one to visit.

The Atanaha event center has different packages for the bridal party:

  • Mountain biking
  • A visit to the Carillon Historical Park to see historical artifacts and buildings, The Dayton Aviation Heritage Museum and park, and the Bancroft Museum of Discovery
  • Dayton Arts Museum
  • National Museum For the United States Airforce

At Atanaha Event Center, we will organize every wedding detail for you, just as you intended. We do all the work and let the couple get to enjoy their special day. A good wedding goes beyond the ceremony or reception. It leaves a memorable experience for the couple and their guests.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you plan your big day!